Mary Crow Mysteries

"Sallie Bissell has just become my favorite new fiction author. Her book, In the Forest of Harm, captured my attention from the very first paragraph."

"This book was really good I loved it. It was absolutely amazing. Worded with such detail I just loved it" 

Critical Reviews:

 In The Forest Of Harm

“Hair raising and harrowing”--Publishers Weekly.

“Shrewdly imagined and tailor-made for audiences who would have loved Deliverance if it hadn’t been for all that guy stuff,”-- Kirkus Reviews


A Darker Justice

“A fast-moving story, elegantly told, in which Bissell weaves a palpitating web of sinuously deadly suspense.” Los Angeles Times

“At the end of this book, I felt I had read a masterpiece”—Deadly Pleasures.


Call The Devil By His Oldest Name

“Bissell’s strong writing and clever, didn’t-see-that-coming denouement will keep readers enthralled”—Publisher’s Weekly.

“A true page-turner.  Those who fell for the complex and fascinating Mary Crow will be pleased to see her return”—Winston-Salem Journal.  


Legacy of Masks

“Bissell skillfully weaves Cherokee lore and human nature at its best and worst”—Booklist.  

“Bissell does a magnificent job balancing Cherokee folklore with ugly business and lost love found again.  Her prose just sings along…”—I Love a Mystery.


Music of Ghosts

“Bissell’s writing is strong and clear, wonderfully descriptive without being self-conscious.  Her story is engrossing the way that a good mystery should be.”   Chapter



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